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Weekly Roundup 102 – 4th to 10th February


UDC Weekly roundup‘India in 10 years: Who is in charge of our cities?’
Authored by Piyush Tewari 

With the incumbent government garnering publicity for its focus on cities and urban policy, it may now be time to take a re-look at the governance structures in place for India’s cities. The 72nd amendment in 1992 was the last major urban governance reform administered nation-wide. In this piece, Tewari calls for an overhaul and argues that greater autonomy for cities is the way forward, propelling India’s development towards an urban-oriented growth process.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Mint


‘Stepping Back – Understanding cities and their systems’
Published by ALNAP

Urban environments are complex ecosystems. With a great level of uncertainty and resilience at the same time, cities elicit a systemic consideration from all players – humanitarians, policy-makers and politicians alike. This publication attempts to showcase the understanding of the urban by humanitarians – pressing for research initiatives to further the urban typologies presented in this work.

Read the publication here.


‘Why we live where we do?’
Created by Wendover Productions

Which do you think is the denser city? Paris or New York? This video explains the enchanting geographic history of the urban sprawls of American and European cities as we know them today. From the ‘railroad suburbs’, to ‘streetcar communities’, the we learn about the transit oriented urban growth in the US that has led to the current suburban dominated cities. Urban cores are seeing a renaissance in the US and this video presents a compelling case against the suburban life.


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