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Weekly Roundup 103 – 11th to 17th February


UDC Weekly roundup‘Mumbai on the margins’
Authored by Smruthi Koppikar

The article highlights the dismal situation arising due to lack of proper sanitation and water facilities in the slums of Mumbai.Faulty construction of toilets can cause bad living conditions .But it has become more dangerous and led to deaths.The lack of municipal water has spurred off an informal water business. Read on to find out!

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Scroll


‘Housing and slum upgrading-Gender Issue Guide’
Published by UN-Habitat


In many patriarchal societies, women barely have a say in home ownership or upgradation. But women headed households in low income communities are on the increase .The guide addresses gender concerns in the context of slums and house upgrading. It provides approaches on how to integrate women’s rights into home/land ownership and into the policy making process.

Read the publication here.


‘How architectural innovations migrate across borders’
Created by TED

Teddy Cruz, an American architect provides lessons on urban settlements by studying cross border urbanization .He states that future of cities depends not on economically powerful enclaves but from the regions where conflict and scarcity is prevalent. He details the ideology by presenting the case of Tijuana-San Diego wall which is flanked by the richest real estate on San Diego and Poorest slums on Tijuana side. Watch to find out.


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