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Participatory Planning Around the World: Part 3 of 3

In order to have a coherent ecosystem, there needs to be porosity in the interactions between different communities. You know city planning is moving in the right direction when the immediate challenges of the locals are addressed, by understanding them at a grass root level. Planners are experts in design with technical knowledge. Citizens are … Continue reading

Building Capacity for Participation: Part 2 of 3

In our previous post about the challenges to public participation in Indian cities, we included an image describing five types of public participation for city building. Over the years, with our determination to bring participatory planning into the mainstream, the UDC team has taken on projects that exist throughout this spectrum of participatory modes, tackling numerous … Continue reading

Is collaborative city building the new urban utopia? : Part 1 of 3

The global discourse on cities has been fueled over the past decade by the many United Nations annual reports on global urbanization trends; all of them predicting an increasing rise in urban populations. In India alone, the 2016 report predicts that there will be 7 megacities with a population of over 10 million by 2030. … Continue reading

What Does Blockchain Mean for Urban Systems? : Part 3 of 3

Blockchain technology is a culmination of many different digital concepts, as discussed in our introductory post. But what makes it groundbreaking is the idea of radical decentralization that this technology offers. Decentralization at a large scale is very powerful and can transform how a city functions and how people interact with each other. For example, … Continue reading

Blockchain and It’s Applications : Part 2 of 3

As we get into the discussion on Blockchain technology’s impact, it is a good time to see this quick video that provides a great explanation of the variety of industries that can benefit from Blockchain applications. We’ll be back soon with more thoughts on Blockchain for cities!

What is Blockchain Anyway? : Part 1 of 3

Meet Cathy. She loves bread. Two slices of bread for breakfast really makes her day. But there is one hitch. She is gluten sensitive. Which means she can only have gluten free bread. And there are plenty of those in the market too. Just that, how can she be so sure? How can she trust … Continue reading

Nudging in Cities : Part 2 of 2

Human beings are not always rational thinkers, but the decisions we each make as individuals collectively impact the shape and form of our cities. Taking the car as opposed to walking. Dumping waste as opposed to segregating it. Leaving the lights on rather than turning them off etc. These tiny decisions that take less than … Continue reading

Nudging for Change : Part 1 of 2

In the early 1990’s, the cleaning authorities at the Amsterdam airport needed to address a hygiene issue. They were struggling with attempts to reduce urinal spillage and splash-back in the men’s washrooms, but nothing seemed to do the trick until an etched house fly came along. Aad Kieboom, the Amsterdam airport manager, decided to put … Continue reading

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