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Weekly Roundup 099 – 14th to 20th January


UDC Weekly roundup‘Amsterdam’s new housing frontier: The unused space above stores?’
Authored by Feargus O’Sullivan

The article is another example of Amsterdam’s long standing tradition of creating homes in less obvious spaces. This time through providing grants to those who are up for converting unused spaces within their premises into homes. The case exemplifies mixed built use at its best and aspires to implement adaptive reuse on a whole new level. Read on to find out!

Read the whole piece here.

Published by CityLab.


‘Landscape as medium and method for synthesis in urban ecological design’
Published on Journal of Landscape and Urban Planning by Elsevier

The essay conceptualises landscape as a medium through which to examine the human-ecological interface. It decodes urban ecological design placing it within the broader framework of “intentional change of landscapes in cities” and their hinterlands. The essay builds on two laws and two related principles to establish landscape as a method that demands creative invention.

Read the publication here.


‘How streets, roads, and avenues are different’
Created by Vox

How to code roads in a city? What are the ground rules of designing the streets? What are the common patterns we experience while on the streets no matter which country we’re in? This podcast simplifies the typology and common rules that function around the world when roads are designed. Watch to find out.


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