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Weekly Roundup 035 – 24th to 30th October

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘10 things South Park has taught us about Gentrification’ Authored by Stuart Jeffries This tongue in cheek article by Jeffries parodies (albeit with a liberal amount of grace) the issue of urban decay as a theatre set for romantic remodeling, or in other words, gentrification. Often associated with displacement of … Continue reading

The Teaching Of Cities…

There is a question that digs at the soul of anyone who ventures into a classroom facing a chalk board filled with emptiness. But I’ll get to that later. Source : http://www.wikipedia.org It begins with you searching for an opening into a chamber. The entries are usually located at the rear or on the sides … Continue reading

Having Writ…

How do you write about a city or The City or cities in general? A particular set of words, organised a particular way, produce beauty. It is that simple. And that complex. Source :http://www.en.wikipedia.org The act of writing is not an easy one. It took our species hundreds of thousands of years to begin and … Continue reading

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