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What if we lived in an age where school and learning was not systemized but optimized ? What if the school had no grades, subjects and books ? What if the classrooms did not mean a four-walled cubicle ? What if the process and hierarchy of the schooling-setup was never there ? What if there … Continue reading

COMPETITION ALERT: Liberty Museum, New York: Freedom to the People

Civil and social justice are the two most important fundamentals of human rights. The issues unequal civil rights and social injustice are not confined to a particular region and country but are a global phenomenon. These issues are a result of unequal resource distribution and unfair treatment of individuals with different traits i.e. race, culture, … Continue reading


archasm invites architects, students, engineers, designers, artists and philosophers to send in their entries for our competition. Idea based competition Single stage competition Team of maximum three members No professional qualification necessary for eligibility Teams can be interdisciplinary Mumbai, or erstwhile Bombay is the largest metropolis of India and an answer to the likes of … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 031 – 26th September to 02nd October

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Using Nature’s Design Principles To Feed Nine Billion’ (Finalists of the bio-mimicry invention contest) Authored by Nathanael Johnson Human impact on the environment worldwide has led to a growing imbalance in the food chain, with disruptive and unpredictable consequences on the ecosystem. This critical issue of a broken food chain raises an almost obvious question … Continue reading

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