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Weekly Roundup 100 – 21st to 27th January

9FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Comparison of building modelling assumptions and methods for urban scale heat demand forecasting’ Authored by Dirk Monien and Aneta Strzalka1   Building energy evaluation tools available today are only able to effectively analyze individual buildings and usually either they require a high amount of input data or they are too … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 097 – 31 December to 06th January

9FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Does lower inequality mean less poverty?’ Authored by Arturo Matinez and Iva Sebastian  Inequality and poverty are most often perceived to be interlinked. When poverty reduction is discussed, reduction of inequality naturally features in the conversation. The article challenges the very premise of this hypothesis. It focuses on South Asia … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 070 – 25th – 1st July

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘‘Brexit’: A wake-up call for the New Urban Agenda’ Authored by Micheal Cohen Dominating the news recently is Britain’s exit from the EU, or as it has been called in the media – the Brexit. Cities are becoming increasingly affected by free trade agreements, and many are beginning to engage in … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 016 – 13th to 19th June

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Transforming Melbourne : Are Tall buildings the best solution for a growing city?’ Authored by Max Walton Melbourne is facing one of the biggest challenges of growing cities around the world – the ever-expanding need for affordable housing stock within the metropolitan area. While general planning theory and practice have embraced the … Continue reading

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