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Weekly Roundup 136 – 30th September to 6th October

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Cities Should Think About Trees As Public Health Infrastructure’ Authored by Eillie Anzilotti “Trees are sustainability power tools: They clean and cool the air, regulate temperatures, counteract the urban “heat island” effect, and support water quality and manage flow. Yes, they look pretty, but they also deliver measurable mental and physical … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 134 – 16th to 22nd September

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Forget Carnegie Hall. Musicians rush to rural Colorado to play the Tank‘ Authored by David Kelly Can old, seemingly dilapidated and abandoned buildings be revived and re-adapted into something of value? That’s exactly what happened in Rangely, Colorado, where strange acoustics have made the Tank in a destination for musicians from … Continue reading

Urban Colloquium 10: The Andaman & Nicobars, An Island Journey

UDC’s first Urban Colloquium of 2016 was held in Pondicherry with a presentation by writer and activist Pankaj Sekhsaria, on his work in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and about his new book The Last Wave, a novel set in the islands. The event was held in collaboration with PondyPHOTO. We thank Kasha ki Aasha for … Continue reading

Urban Colloquium_03: Everybody loves a love story.

The third edition of the Urban Colloquium was apparently a blockbuster. Our venue was packed. Literally packed. I still can’t tell which one of these reasons nailed it though- The fact that we followed up with all the folks who said they were ‘Going’ on Facebook and asked them if they were really ‘Going’ while … Continue reading

Urban Colloquium 2: “Collective Verbs – change, design, better”

“In 2006, TIME Magazine chose ‘YOU’ as their Person of the Year. The world has changed to accommodate you,” began Sruthi Krishnan, of Fields of View, Bangalore, thus setting the stage for our second urban colloquium on March 15th. Sruthi posed some pertinent questions: “In the realm of the human-made, design is the promise of … Continue reading

The first of the Urban Colloquium Series

On the evening of the 15th February, 2014, UDC organized the first of a series of monthly gatherings to be held every second Saturday of the month, aptly titled the Urban Colloquium. The idea behind the Colloquium is to have an agenda for urbanophiles to meet every month for a range of city-related activities and events, … Continue reading

Invite for Urban Colloquium_02

Urban Colloquium is a monthly seminar to meet, share, and discuss all things urban! The meets will be scheduled every 2nd saturday of the month from 6:30pm till 7:30pm. Last month we had the first meet of the year with the screening of two short films on urban renewal and megaurbanisation in Mumbai. This month … Continue reading

6th Meet

Dear all, 30th June 2012… yes, we had UDC’s meeting on the theme of ‘Invisible Cities’! There was a minor goof-up with the venue not being open for us until post 5pm but apologies for that. The meet was attended by Prem Balasubramanian,Bharath Gandhi Palanisamy, Roshan Toshniwal, Balaji Mohan Rajkumar, Mahesh Radhakrishnan and yours truly… looks like we need more … Continue reading

Addendum to the 5th meet

And as if the Global Studio thunderbolt wasn’t enough, Ajeetha Ranganathan did a special screening of ‘Atlantis- A Garden Imprisoned’ for us!!!! This is a short film that she produced as a culmination of her masters design thesis at Oxford Brookes University, UK. In her own words (which I think describe it in the best way possible), … Continue reading

5th meet

Apologies for a late summary… I have been seriously considering cloning myself to be able to deal with the amount of work on my table lately but nevertheless I’ll get down to business now. First of all, thanks to all those of you who made it to the 5th meet of the Urban Design Collective … Continue reading

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