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Weekly Roundup 068 – Jun 11th – 17th

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Internet of bins – Smart, Solar powered trash cans in Colombia’ Authored by Elaine Ramirez With growing issues of urban waste suffocating our cities, the techies from around the world have taken up the challenge to pave new ways to find a solution to it. This article highlights tech-savvy inventions that target effective … Continue reading

In honour of Antonio Sant’Elia’s 127th birthday

Poster Design by Priyanka Kathiresan  

In honour of C.A.Doxiadis’ 100th birthday

In honour of Jane Jacobs’ 98th birthday

In honour of Edmund Norwood Bacon’s 104th birthday

In honour of Frederick Law Olmsted’s 192nd birthday

In honour of Camillo Sitte’s 171st birthday

In honour of Baron Haussmann’s 205th birthday

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