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Today is World Heritage Day. What are your plans?

People’s Puppet Project, Pondicherry – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the workshop all about? The ‘People’s Puppet Project’ workshop aims to raise awareness towards Pondicherry’s unique Franco-Tamil architectural and cultural heritage, through an innovative combination of puppetry and street theatre. The workshop will aim to reconnect local community with their town’s heritage. It will also provide participants an opportunity to learn new … Continue reading

Jane Jacobs Walk – Chicago

The Jane Jacobs Walk 2014 happened in Chicago on Saturday, May 3rd.  The opportunity to conduct Jane’s Walk came to me when I was new to Chicago – the city was still recovering from the cold snap, and it didn’t look very hospitable to exploration. I did however, in the little time I had, put … Continue reading

Urban Colloquium_03: Everybody loves a love story.

The third edition of the Urban Colloquium was apparently a blockbuster. Our venue was packed. Literally packed. I still can’t tell which one of these reasons nailed it though- The fact that we followed up with all the folks who said they were ‘Going’ on Facebook and asked them if they were really ‘Going’ while … Continue reading

It’s World Heritage Day today

On the occasion of World Heritage Day, may we implore you to take a pledge to learn about just one concept/ aspect/ practice/ building/ landscape of your choice from the past and hold onto it forever because… “It is important that we know where we come from, because if you do not know where you … Continue reading

UDC conducts heritage walk for F5 Escapes

Last weekend, five, intrepid women travellers from Bangalore arrived here to explore Pondicherry and Auroville. The group included a retiree, two IT professionals, and a full-time mom with her eight-year old daughter in tow, all led by Malini Gowrishankar of F5 Escapes. As part of their travel experience, UDC took the group on a heritage … Continue reading

Pondicherry Urban Diary: 01

Walking the streets this morning, feeling the summer heat slowly but surely creeping up on me, I was reminded of naive childhood ideas of air-conditioned streets, the fantastical climate-controlled domed cities of science fiction and Buckminster Fuller through architecture school, and the common sense of ‘let’s plant more trees!’ of professional practice. And then I stumbled … Continue reading

Sunday morning at the Madras High Court

On the morning of 1st December, after exercising much willpower to wake up following a late night at a friend’s birthday party, I managed to get myself to the Madras High Court at 8:30am. Not to confront the long arm of the law but to go on an inaugural heritage walk of the grounds and … Continue reading

Distress call from Thanjavur

What do you do when you meet a person who is dying? What do you do when you meet someone who is dying and you know that you can save him/her? What do you do when you know that something is of historical and cultural significance, already dying a slow death and someone is trying … Continue reading

18th April is World Heritage Day.

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