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Weekly Roundup 106 – 4th to 10th March

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Why it is Key to Include Gender Equality in Transport Design ‘ Authored by Jyot Chadha & Vishal Ramprasad Jyot and Vishal in their article bring forward the issue of Gender mainstreaming in architectural & city design. The field discussed at length over the course of this article is Mobility and … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 095 – 17th to 23rd December

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Rajasthan tells an Unexpected Story of Stopping Open Defecation under Swachh Bharat Mission‘ Authored by Mathews K. Mullackal Adequate sanitation is a basic human right. The Indian Government with its flagship sanitation campaign ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ has set the goal to make India, open-defecation free by 2nd October 2019 (150th … Continue reading

Is heritage a liability?

Mysore, the heritage capital of Karnataka has always been revered for its beautiful palaces, bungalows, civic buildings, well planned roadways, and boulevards. This credit goes to the erstwhile rulers and nobles of Mysore, who have shaped the city to what it is today. Thousands of visitors from across the globe frequent the city to admire … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 075 – 30th July to 5th August

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘How to Host the Olympics and Actually Improve Your City’s Transit’ Authored by Aarian Marshall Every two years, cities around the world make bids to the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to host the Olympic Games. Any city that wants to host the Olympic Games puts in its name to the IOC … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 073 – 16th to 22nd July

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘The graveyard of the Earth’: inside City 40, Russia’s deadly nuclear secret’ Authored by Samira Goetschel Russia’s Secret City 40 Is A Prison Of Nuclear Waste And Death. If that doesnt grab your attention, read on. At the perimeter of the city, a sign warns people not to enter the town … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 072 – 9th to 15th July

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘”Pokemon Go” is Quietly helping People Fall in Love with Their Cities’ Authored by Mark Wilson Who would have thought that it would take a smart phone game to get people off their chairs and outdoors? Pokemon Go, an augmented reality mobile game, is barely a week old, and is all … Continue reading

Documenting Life: A Neighbourhood in Motion

A whiff of tamarind, sounds from the kitchen upstairs. Calls of vegetable sellers in the market, shrill cries of a travelling hawker and a tinkle of an ice cream cart. In between, the chains of beauty parlours and supermarkets, a near-empty train station, an apartment at the end of the not so poetic cul-de-sac with … Continue reading

This too is Bangalore

An old city, a new metropolis. A ‘random halli’, an airport, and a lot of ‘business ’in between. When I saw this image doing the rounds on social media, my first reaction was to laugh as I related to the image. And then, I thought, that is it ? The IT boom and the immigrant … Continue reading

To Italy, and back

The first search in preparation for my impending visit to Italy led me to caution travel tips on how kind is the city to women traveling alone. It reminded me of a poem I read about the necessity of women’s body to constantly negotiate shared space in the public realm. It was only then I … Continue reading

MUMBAI : The Epicentre Of Art Deco

The magnificent Art Deco architecture of Mumbai Continue reading

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