Vidhya Mohankumar

Vidhya Mohankumar is an architect and urban designer with over a decade of work experience in India, Ireland and the United States and a passion for creating livable and sustainable cities. She is the founder of Urban Design Collective (UDC), a non-profit organization that works as a collaborative platform to create better cities through community engagement. Vidhya also advocates sustainable development through training and capacity building programmes for various stakeholder groups and also within academia through her association with a number of universities as guest faculty. In other parallel albeit real universes, she is a wishful artist, an avid wanderer, a constant gardener and a newly enthused cook.
Vidhya Mohankumar has written 418 posts for Urban Design Collective

Weekly Roundup 111 – 8th to 14th April

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Why Building New Capital Cities Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea, After All’ Authored by Mimi Kirk We build new capital cities for various reasons… to show political power, to mark the beginning of a new era, to jump-start the economy or perhaps simply to just start all over … Continue reading


‘ACCOMMODATING THE MELANGE- REIMAGINING STREETS AS PUBLIC SPACES’ A national level competition to examine alternative ways and interpretations of streets as urban spaces. IMPORTANT DATES: Registration ends: 10th December 2016 Closing day for Submissions: 15th December 2016 by midnight IST Announcement of Winners: 30th December 2016 For more details including registration link, visit- http://www.ethosindia.in/events/accommodating-the-melange-ii-pune-biennale-2017/index.php

WORKSHOP ALERT- Reading the Urban Environment

UDC is offering a workshop on ‘Reading the Urban Environment‘- A two-day workshop that covers Field work and data-gathering methods, Research and Design thinking approaches and an introduction to analysis and graphic tools. Open to students of architecture from 3rd year onwards, post-graduate architecture & planning students and recent graduates. Register for the workshop here. … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 081– 10th to 16th September

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘The World’s Most Creative Neighbourhoods’ Authored by Avinash Rajagopal From Cape Town to Mumbai to Lagos to Madrid and more. Here’s an interesting roundup of 10 neighbourhoods from around the world that are home to the creative class. Read about what’s going on and what it’s doing to these cities. … Continue reading

COMPETITION ALERT: Liberty Museum, New York: Freedom to the People

Civil and social justice are the two most important fundamentals of human rights. The issues unequal civil rights and social injustice are not confined to a particular region and country but are a global phenomenon. These issues are a result of unequal resource distribution and unfair treatment of individuals with different traits i.e. race, culture, … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 078– 20th to 26th August

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘Rio Olympics’ Legacy: Urban Mobility’ Authored by Toni Lindau and Bruno Felin And what a memorable Olympics it has been! But there’s more to it that the grit and the glory… The Olympics offered Rio the opportunity to have a public transport network that can help shape its future urban … Continue reading


What is the survey about? We are conducting a survey to assess the daily transit experience of passengers across all modes of transport i.e. bus, train, metro, auto, share auto, cycle, two-wheeler, car etc. Some of the parameters we will be covering are safety, ease of access and comfort of your transit. Who is eligible? … Continue reading


A 5-DAY WORKSHOP ON DATA-GATHERING, VISUALIZATION AND DESIGN RESEARCH The Indo-German Centre for Sustainability IGCS is looking for participants to its hack lab taking place late June in Chennai, TN. This lab is thematically focused on Chennai’s peri-urban fringe, which is undergoing urbanization at a fast rate. Who can participate: Participants from the fields of … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 063– 7th to 13th May

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘The great leap upward: China’s Pearl River Delta, then and now’ Authored by Eric Hilaire and Nick Mead A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Especially when it comes to documenting change in cities. That’s why this week’s feature piece is a photo essay depicting the staggering urban expansion … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 062– 30th April to 6th May

FEATURE REPORT/ ARTICLE OF THE WEEK ‘What Would Jane Jacobs Do?’ Authored by Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow This week marked a worldwide celebration of Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday! Even Google had a lovely doodle in her honour. Needless to say there were a host of articles online that paid tribute to her work, revisted her … Continue reading