Sareena is a visual artist working with mixed media drawing and painting. She has always been drawn to large cities, having lived in Calcutta, Chicago, Bombay and now Bangalore. Her drawings are fuelled and inspired by the chaos and vibrant energy of these urban spaces along with the architectural and design forms found within them. Her works can be viewed at www.sareenak.com. As an artist looking for different experiences and wanting to learn the history of new cities, her curiosity leads her to many places. She has blogged about a few of these travels at https://theindianflashpacker.wordpress.com A novice kitchen gardener and wine lover, Sareena enjoys meeting fellow thinkers and procrastinators willing to engage in existential conversations and collaborate in art projects.
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MUMBAI : The Epicentre Of Art Deco

The magnificent Art Deco architecture of Mumbai Continue reading

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