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Jane Jacobs Walk – Chicago

The Jane Jacobs Walk 2014 happened in Chicago on Saturday, May 3rd.  The opportunity to conduct Jane’s Walk came to me when I was new to Chicago – the city was still recovering from the cold snap, and it didn’t look very hospitable to exploration. I did however, in the little time I had, put … Continue reading

Reversing Rivers & Fighting Fish

I was lucky enough listen to a talk given by the inimitable Jeanne Gang recently (known most famously for the ‘Wave Building’ or Aqua Tower in Chicago). There was a long section on one issue she felt very strongly about – the pollution of the Chicago River. It got me thinking about Chennai, and the … Continue reading

Public / Private / Policed

What do the words ‘Public Space’ really stand for in a city like Chennai? Traditionally, the term ‘Public’ is applied to a sort of egalitarian space, loaded with the principles of democracy and citizenship.  These are spaces available and open to all; open for protests and activism, free speech, information sharing and interaction. The burden … Continue reading