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Signing up for the smart city

We have been hearing quite a lot about smart cities. The current definition of what a smart city is seems to be as follows: Cities which use technology, primarily data-driven technology, to manage urban infrastructure and improve governance. In this scenario, the citizens of the city will be both consumers and generators of the data … Continue reading

The Chennai Bus Ride Story

I am going to start this article with a superfluous statement- India, and Indian cities, have changed almost unrecognizably in the last few decades. We all know this. We also know that the growth rates of many cities have been unprecedented. In such a situation, how has the infrastructure coped? Urban infrastructure is slow to … Continue reading

Science fiction urbanism

Science fiction? Urbanism? What are we talking about? This is an urban design blog, not one dedicated to discussions of intergalactic wars of the future. You are probably saying all these things to yourself, but I am really going to try and connect the two. Science fiction I am normally not a fan of classifying … Continue reading

Heritage awareness workshops for school students in Pondicherry

If you are a regular follower of our Facebook page, many of you may be aware of (or probably even participated in) UDC’s Heritage Awareness workshops for school children in Pondicherry, which were held in February in collaboration with INTACH and Prastara. The series of three workshops kicked off with Calve College on 2nd February … Continue reading

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