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Weekly Roundup 146 – 9th December to 15th December


UDC Weekly roundup‘How Place shapes our Politics?
By Richard Florida 

Geography is a fundamental influencial factor that shapes the way we think about the world and other people.  The experience of living in big cities constantly changes people. The way these places are built and the people who already live there shape who we are. In this article, Richard Florida interviews Political Scientist & Author Ryan Enos whose main focus of research is Geographic or Spatial underpinnings of Politics.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by TheCityLab.


‘Smart City Strategies – A Global Review
Published by Future Cities Catapult

The concept of Smart City has been trending enormously since 2010 and has invited great interest, investment and criticism across the world. This study by Future Cities Catapult, based its research on 21 different cities. It provides the reasoning to why smart city agenda is lucrative to cities around the world, what challenges they meet along the way and how they are attempting to solve them. It serves as a knowledge base for cities that are embarking on their own smart city strategies, as well as a reference for those who are already some way
through the journey.

Read the detailed review here .


‘Activating Public Spaces – Mara Holt Skov
Created by TEDxTwinFalls

A successful public space is one that engages people, invites and encourages people to do a variety of activities in that space. With the help of a number of examples, Mara explains the concept of Activated Public Spaces. Activated Public Spaces reinforce the significance of a well-thought design that can create the perfect setting for interaction, experience and creating memorable moments for people.


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