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Weekly Roundup 137 – 7th to 13th October


UDC Weekly roundup‘Should we retire the word Slum
By Jake Blumgart

City Lab talks with Australian Academician Alex Mayne about his book ‘Slums: The History of Global injustice‘. Mayne supports his argument with findings and data from studying centuries of policy in Britain, Australia, India and the United states. He explains the disturbing generalization by planners & developers, of the character of spaces as a result of the word Slum commonly used by all redevelopment policies. Read the article to know his argument for the need of a new language of these policies that as of now get misused and fail to achieve targets.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by City Lab.


‘Promoting Healthy Cities
Published by RTPI

The rise of health challenges such as non-communicable diseases, combined with urbanization taking place on an unprecedented scale, means that cities will be the places that help to determine
the health and well being of the majority of the population in the twenty-first century. The lack of effective and proactive planning in the broadest sense for urbanization can result in unhealthy places. This journal by the RTPI attempts to establish the connection between planning, environment and health & well-being of people. Read the publication here .


‘The Containment Plan
Created by 99% Invisible

This episode by 99% Invisible talks about a particular neighborhood in LA called Skid Row neighborhood. Over history this neighborhood has witnessed homelessness & poverty and multiple design interventions took place to help the neighborhood. However, this podcast brings a unique perspective on how the urban design and local policy interventions where paralleled for containing or restricting the problems of poverty within this neighborhood rather than alleviating them completely. Listen to the podcast here , for this one story can relate to many more distressed neighborhoods within our towns and cities.

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