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Weekly Roundup 135 – 23rd to 29th September


UDC Weekly roundup‘Beijing unveils vision for ‘downsized’, liveable city with cleaner air
By Stuart Lau

‘Beijing is to be “downsized” and its population capped as the government tries to turn China’s sprawling, overcrowded capital into a liveable, international city with cleaner air.’

City authorities cap the population at 23 million from 2020 and promise air quality will reach ‘advanced international standards’ by 2050

Read the whole piece here.

Published by The South China Morning Post.


Published by UNCUBE Magazine

uncube mag athens

In its final issue, Uncube magazine explores Athens. And as the editorial states ‘… what better subject to end on than a city, which, despite great economic adversity, is forging new paths in informal urbanism – from the bottom up and through the myriad collaborations of the people that live there.’

Download the publication here.



‘Who belongs in a city?’
Created by TED

Underneath every shiny new megacity, there’s often a story of communities displaced. In this moving, poetic talk, OluTimehin Adegbeye details how government land grabs are destroying the lives of thousands who live in the coastal communities of Lagos, Nigeria, to make way for a “new Dubai.” She compels us to hold our governments and ourselves accountable for keeping our cities safe for everyone. “The only cities worth building, indeed the only futures worth dreaming of, are those that include all of us, no matter who we are or how we make homes for ourselves,” she says.


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