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Weekly Roundup 133 – 9th to 15th September


UDC Weekly roundup‘Florence to adopt Stefano Boeri’s “anti-terror” planters proposal

Authored by Gunseli Yalcinkaya

Cities are facing safety concerns due to a recent increase terrorist attacks.To protect people in public squares metal barriers,bollards and checkpoints are being installed .Is this the only way to ensure safety?Can it be done in a more aesthetically pleasing manner?Can safety elements be designed to avoid a militaristic feel ?

Read the whole piece here

Published by Dezeen


‘People near transit : Improving Accessibility and Rapid Transit Coverage in Large Cities
Published by ITDP

Transit is usually measured in terms of mobility.This report introduces a new metric ‘people near rapid transport (PNR)’.As our cities are rapidly growing in size,proximity to a transport network plays a crucial role for the commuters.How much can a commuter walk to board a public bus/train?

Rapid transit networks of 25 urban centres are studied and results are drawn.This research can help urban public policy makers to evaluate on how many of their city dwellers can access public transport.

Read the publication here


‘Human Powered mobility for the future’
Created by TED Archive

As cities grow,its dwellers look for newer and more efficient ways to commute.With its size,complications due to increase in cars cause problems.Though the recent trends of Uber and Lyft has caught up,will it eventually lead to fewer cars?Carlo Ratti and Assaf Bidermen explains the current transit trend taking Manhattan as the case study.Also ,they discuss newer version of cycle with a more digitally connected wheel.


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