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Weekly Roundup 132 – 2nd to 8th September


UDC Weekly roundup‘How government policies exacerbate hurricanes like Harvey

The culprit for hurricanes like Harvey is Climate Change by no surprise and that has been established time and over again. For more than a decade now, there has been substantial debate on who takes accountability for their actions that result in this very climate change. This article outlines one of the major reasons that is constantly exacerbating natural disasters. With lack of zoning regulations, no check on trends of development, subsidies that indirectly promote unsustainable design practices for increased profit; our cities are paying the price.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by TheEconomist.


‘Water Sensitive Urban Design in the UK
Published by Ciria

All civilizations  historically  were located around a water source, watercourse or coastline and shared an intimate dependence on water. However the consequences of unsustainable urbanization in the form of natural disasters, water shortages and water pollution are not a rarity in today’s scenario. Whether its hurricane Harvey or torrential rainfalls and floods in Mumbai or Bangalore, our cities are becoming vulnerable with each passing day. Water sensitive Urban Design as explained is this publication is ‘the process of integrating water cycle management with the built environment through planning and urban design‘.

Read the publication here to know how practitioners from building and urban design industry, can contribute towards creating water sensitive places that bring back the harmonious relationship that civilizations shared with water.


‘Unidentified Acts of Design: The Workers/Urban Villages
Created by Victoria and Albert Museum

After the establishment of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Shenzhen in 1980, urban development took shape at both informal and formal levels. Urban villages or ‘new villages’ are pockets of informal urbanization that developed out of former rural villages, and eventually became surrounded by the city. This film is a part of the series called Unidentified Acts of Design that explores different places where design is taking on new forms and meaning, with a focus on the people at the forefront of these changes. The film explores the changing face of these Urban Villages in Shenzhen and the critical role of their residents in the wider manufacturing, distribution and service networks that sustain the whole city.


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One thought on “Weekly Roundup 132 – 2nd to 8th September

  1. Government Policies and their effective implementation is the key.

    Posted by Pradeep Sharma | September 8, 2017, 10:45 am

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