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Weekly Roundup 131- 26th August to 1st September


UDC Weekly roundup‘How Much Are Trees Worth to Megacities?

Authored by Jessica Leigh Hester

What picture does the word ‘megacities’ create in your mind? Megacities are often characterized by their skyscraper buildings,bustling population but rarely for their green cover.The article points a research on how green infrastructure can have multiple pay offs for the megacities.

Covering 10 cities across the globe,tree cover ranges from 8.1 % in Cairo to 36% in Moscow.The author believes that quantifying the benefits in terms of dollars, will push cities to maintain more green cover.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by CityLab


‘Urban Regions : Ecology and Planning beyond the cities
Published by Cambridge Press

In the age where over engineered things have triumphed over natural ecology ,author Richard Norman emphasizes the need to understand urban ecosystems.Urban planning and ecology are rarely looked in tandem by the urban planners.

By reviewing 38 cities,the author has drawn principles with regard to transportation,networks,communities,habitats and landscape which the urban planners could adopt.Quoting the example of Barcelona urban plan drawn in 2001,the principles are explained in practical context.

Read the publication here.


‘It takes a village to green an alley’
Created by Nature Of Cities Podcast -Philip Silva

Author Philip Silva interacts with communities who have initiated green infrastructure projects in their neighbourhood. Based on idea of ‘cities for the people and by the people’,he discusses three different projects in Los Angeles,Sao Paolo & Montreal.

Adopting strategies like transforming underused alleyways,designing sidewalks to absorb storm water, increasing access to open green spaces and connecting different parts of cities -each initiative points forth how community engagement and partnership have helped the projects take off championing a bottoms up approach.

Listen to the podcast to know about how these communities came together to initiate the green infrastructure projects.



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