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Weekly Roundup 127 – 29th July to 04th August


UDC Weekly roundup‘Urban-Rural Inequalities in Carbon Emissions’

Authored by Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira and Mahendra Sethi

In the past, it has been have believed that carbon emissions are heavily correlated to a nation’s wealth. But studies over the past decade and data collected from more than 200 countries suggests that it is urbanization, that correlates more with carbon emissions than the Gross Domestic Product of a country. Read the article to know how Oliveira and Sethi put forth a strong argument for planners and urbanists to rethink the basis of sustainable city design.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by The Nature of Cities.


‘Global Age- Friendly Cities : A Guide
Published by World Health Organization

Population ageing and urbanization are two global trends that together comprise major forces shaping the 21st century. This guide published by WHO engages cities to become more age-friendly so as to tap the potential that older people represent for humanity.   As a result of working with focus groups in 33 cities in all WHO regions, the organization has developed a set of age-friendly city checklists that has been compiled in this guide.

Read the publication here.


‘The Future of Cities
Created by Oscar Boyson in collaboration with ‘The Nantucket Project’

Boyson through this short movie puts forward the pressing question of this century. “Is Future Urbanization a good or a bad thing?”. In collaboration with the ‘The Nantucket Project’ he traveled to Detroit, Boston, L.A, Santiago, Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Seoul, Mumbai, London, Copenhagen, and Venice to explore and understand the urbanization trends around the world. The film is a collection of his observations on the trip, dialogues from renowned urban planners and description of varied innovations in city planning around the world.

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