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Weekly Roundup 122 – 24th to 30th June


UDC Weekly roundup‘The Too Smart City’
Authored by Shalini Nair

Smart City has become a buzzword in Indian policy-making. With the incumbent government positing the Smart Cities Mission as one of its flagship schemes for urbanization, it becomes all the more important for the bystander to scrutinize the existing situation and to understand the implications of the Smart cities Mission for the existing cities. In this piece, the author discusses the potentially disastrous consequences of over-selling the technological innovations of the smart city in the Indian scenario.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Indian Express.


‘2016 Menino Survey of Mayors’
Published by BU Initiative on Cities

Urban policy making is increasingly leaning towards more focused local governance policies. In this context, municipal governance policies and mayoral responsibilities need to be constantly evaluated, to provide a sense of understanding and paving the way for the future. This survey conducted through interviews with nearly 102 mayors in the Boston area focuses on the aspects of poverty, inclusion, ethnic diversity and immigration, city image, political relationships, federal collaboration, partisan immunity, higher elected office as re-evaluation  criteria.

Read the publication here.



‘The hidden world of shadow cities: Robert Neuwirth’
Created by TED Talks

Squatter settlements or slums present the potential for a future that Robert Neuwirth sees as the ‘Shadow cities’. Moving beyond poverty, to observing the indomitable spirit of every resident of such a settlement, anywhere in the world, be it the favelas of Rio, or the famed slums of Dharavi or a shantytown in Kenya. Ruled by ideas of informality, this talk emphasizes on the issues of urban migration that inform poverty and living conditions in such contexts.


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