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Weekly Roundup 121 – 17th to 23rd June


UDC Weekly roundup‘The Future(s) of Mobility : How cities can benefit

Authored by Shannon Bouton, Eric Hannon, Stefan Knupfer and Surya Ramkumar

The article categorizes mobility scenarios for three different types of cities around the world – ‘The dense cities in developed economies, dense cities in emerging economies, and sprawling metropolitan areas in developed economies’. Each scenario has its own set of present-day conditions, and as such both opportunities and challenges have been outlined. In this article, the authors lay out the visions for the future of mobility, along with ideas about how municipal officials and other urban stakeholders can help their cities navigate toward positive outcomes.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Mckinsey.


‘Urban Uncertainty : Governing Cities in Turbulent Times
Published by London School of Economics & Political Science

Urban Uncertainty Report by LSE provides a comprehensive overview of key debates about Urban Uncertainty across continents. It helps to conceptualize uncertainty, its interaction with the urban realm and its role in shaping urban life. The essays and event summaries capture the ways in which formal state institutions, as well as everyday urban life, relate to unpredictable, unknowable or unmanageable events.

Read the publication here.


‘Making Room for a Planet of Cities
Created by UN-Habitat Worldwide

Shlomo Angel from the NYU Stern School of Business makes a compelling argument for the need of a new theory that serves as a basis for urbanization in the future. While citing examples of varied cities around the world, viz. Seoul, Bangkok, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and many more, he brings forth the redundancy of the past paradigm of containment theory. The new ‘The Making Room’ paradigm as proposed by the NYC Stern Urbanization project clearly lays down four steps needed to be done to account for efficient planning and urbanization. Watch the video to know about the simple four steps that can serve as a new preamble for Master Planning around the world.


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