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Weekly Roundup 118 – 27th May to 2nd June


UDC Weekly roundup‘Lessons from India in Building Urban resilience’
Authored by Patralekha Chatterjee

Growing Indian cities have been grappling with a multitude of problems like the lack of affordable housing, poor infrastructure ,sanitation which the governments alone cannot handle.

The author interviews Gopalakrishna Bhat, an urban practitioner and a trained geologist on his new book on ‘Road to resilience -Synergy for sustainable cities’.The book acts as handbook recommending actions for all the four stakeholders. Also,Mr. Bhat delves into various steps required to be taken for creating energy security and resilient cities .

Read the whole piece here.Published by Citiscope.



‘Little Book of SHARING in the city’
Published by Liveable Cities Project

What are sharing cities? Haven’t communities always shared-either in material goods like food or liveable space to build or shared information in the digital age ?

This book is the the result of an interesting research project taken up by ‘Liveable cities team’ at Lancaster and Birmingham.By engaging with communities,they understand how sharing works in these cities.It provides an easy to understand way into sharing in cities beyond conventional notion.

Read the publication here.



‘Quantified Cities:Big Data and Big Design’
Created by TED Talks

By the year 2020 ,50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. With the large amounts of data generated, how can we use this quantified data tom improve communities as designers?

Newer technologies are enabling more people to participate in the stakeholder process which eventually can lead to better decision making in design.Francesca Birks,a strategist states how best we can make sense of the quantified data and how we can integrate technologies into our communities.


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