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Weekly Roundup 106 – 4th to 10th March


UDC Weekly roundup‘Why it is Key to Include Gender Equality in Transport Design 

Authored by Jyot Chadha & Vishal Ramprasad

Jyot and Vishal in their article bring forward the issue of Gender mainstreaming in architectural & city design. The field discussed at length over the course of this article is Mobility and Transportation. There is a need of thorough analysis of the mobility needs and an understanding of the vast difference between the needs of women and men. The writers stress the importance of inclusive planning and involvement of women in the planning process. Serving global examples from Spain and Dhaka , Jyot and Vishal demonstrate how a holistic planning process can help address larger issues and help women to participate in workforce, improve their standing in the society and benefit the economy.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by thecityfix.


‘Total Design over Time
Published by Arup

This publication by ARUP walks us through the collaborative design process that has continued to shape the world over time. With the help of examples and events of the past, the book elaborates the role of engineers and designers through due course of time. The events of global urbanization, and migration of people from one place to another have had significant role to play in development process. Read the book to know the speculations for the future world based on the findings of Total Design over Time.

Read the publication here.


‘Grey vs Great Density’
Created by Invisible City

Jennifer Keesmaat of ‘Invisible City’ in this episode strikes a conversation about Density within cities with Larry  Beasley, the former co-director of planning for the city of Vancouver. Both Larry and Jennifer question the popular assumption of density being always good and sustainable for development. However, there remains a grey area that defines the positive or the negative outcome of density for any city. When planned in isolation catering to just the built form, it is more of mere vertical sprawl. The need of the hour is to strike a balance between the design process as well as the zoning and regulation laws by the enforcing authorities. Listen to the podcast as Larry explains various scenarios and outcomes when density becomes a key regulating factor in the city planning process.

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