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Weekly Roundup 097 – 31 December to 06th January


UDC Weekly roundup‘Does lower inequality mean less poverty?’
Authored by Arturo Matinez and Iva Sebastian 

Inequality and poverty are most often perceived to be interlinked. When poverty reduction is discussed, reduction of inequality naturally features in the conversation. The article challenges the very premise of this hypothesis. It focuses on South Asia and analyses World Bank data to show that necessary deviation from the above mentioned belief exists. It further argues that contraty to conventional belief there exists cases pointing to the possible trade-offs between poverty reduction and reducing inequality.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Asian Development Blog.


‘City Observer- Vol. 2 Issue 2- December 2016’
Published by Urban Design Collective via ISSUU

City Observer is a biannual journal which aims to create a conversation on cities and to collaboratively interrogate our urban world. City Observer is published by the Urban Design Collective. The Volume 2 Issue 2 brings to fore a collectively curated collection on the beauty of travel; strength of community togetherness among many others. Through the collection it seeks to raise provocative questions in demand of conscientious action by the people.

Read the publication here.


‘Why all world maps are wrong’
Created by Vox

This one is a hands-on video on understanding the science of making maps. We are all familiar with navigating the world on a piece of paper or lately through the click of a mouse on online platforms such as Google maps, Wikimapia etc. This video explains the different methods of map making in a lucid manner- one which also makes it easier to decide which map to follow for which purpose.


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