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Weekly Roundup 096 – 24th to 30th December


UDC Weekly roundup‘Did Jane Jacobs predict the rise of Trump?’
Authored by Richard Florida 

Out of the many events of 2016 that jolted the world, one of the biggest was the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. In this insightful piece based on a reading of Dark Age Ahead (Jane Jacobs’ final book), Richard Florida wonders if she augured this eventuality providing her helpful primer which touches upon urban crises, a growing distrust of politics and environmental degradation.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Citylab


‘Urban Governance (Topic Guide)’
Published by GSDRC, Applied Knowledge Services

Governance forms such an intrinsic part of the everyday life for all of us. Most of us might have heard the jargon associated with urban governance. From participatory governance, understanding informal settlements, conflict and violence, migration and the ever present discourse on climate change, this primer will let you know the essentials when it comes to urban governance.

Read the publication here.


‘Stik in Shoreditch: the artist’s hidden tribute to a sold-off London ‘
Created by Guardian Cities

What gives a city life? From community to street art to public spaces, this mini-documentary captures the transforming neigborhood of Shoreditch in East London. From a space that once cherished creative activities to becoming a hub for the ‘creative class’ (as described by Richard Florida), one street artist attempts to portray the story of Shoreditch in his ‘officially sanctioned’ mural following conversations with various actors in the neighborhood.



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