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Weekly Roundup 093 – 3rd to 9th December


UDC Weekly roundup‘How hyperconnected cities are taking over the world

Authored by Tanvi Mishra

“Connectivity is destiny” may very well be the adage for our world revolving around the knowledge economy. With the world becoming increasingly urban and economic power being concentrated in urban centres, cities are natural focii for what Parag Khanna calls ‘diplomacity’.

Parag Khanna in conversation with Citylab talks about his book, “Connectography: Mapping the Future of the Global Civilisation” opens up about the need for each region having a global city, second tier cities being more connected with their regional superstar peers, importance of understanding inequality within megacities and much more!

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Citylab.


Urbanization and Climate Change Diplomacy
Published by Adelphi

Following the landmark Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement presents a watershed plan to combat global warming. Cities are seen as an important indicator in environment change, but are more or less ignored in the global policy arena. Recent policy discourse has however shown an increasing preference to engage at city-level debates to ensure greater local impact.

This report published as a run-up to COP21 examines in detail the historical role of cities in climate diplomacy, while understanding their motivation. City network are also discussed along with suggestions to ensure better integration of cities in climate diplomacy.

Read the publication here.


‘2014 London Summit – Urbanization: How to Build a Better City
Created by Milken Institute

Cities are emerging as a unit of governance to be reckoned with at a multi-lateral level. This panel discussion by eminent European urban specialists discuss the role to be played by European cities in propelling the discourse of Smart Cities to a global level especially through assistance from investment giants. The panel further stressed upon the need for local governance to stress upon economic development as a precursor to global strategies that are locally beneficial. (Note: Summit held pre-Brexit, to explain discussions regarding EU policies)


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