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Weekly Roundup 091 – 19th to 25th November


UDC Weekly roundup‘The new Urban Agenda can strengthen land policies-with some caution’
Authored by Philipp Horn 

The New Urban Agenda, a 20-year vision was adopted by nations worldwide at the UN Habitat III conference held in Quito in October,2016. The agenda has been discussed, debated and scrutinized by researchers and experts from across the globe. Philipp Horn briefly explains the agenda and then focuses on the ‘land politics’ detailed in the agenda. He discusses land from varying and contradicting perspectives from social inclusion to profit driven land development. The article talks about how the New Urban Agenda might impact land politics in cities across the world and how researchers can play a key role in steering it towards the development of policies centered around people.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Citiscope.


‘UBER Elevate – Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation’
Published by Uber


Have you ever wanted to fly from your house to your work place? Ever been stuck in traffic wanting to just fly past all the cars in front of you? Well UBER might just be able to make that dream of yours come true. Read this white paper publication that talks about how UBER plans to work with other organisations to develop vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air crafts and connect them with its existing customers to create an urban air transportation network.

Read the publication here.


‘Cities for People Jan Gehl’
Created by Placemaking Video

This mini-documentary marks 50 years of Jan Gehl’s dedicated research towards creating Cities for People. The 80 year old architect takes us through a journey of the perception of cities – from spaces that were reserved for buildings and freeways, and how with a couple of friends they worked towards the idea of metamorphosing cities that are meant for pedestrians, cyclists and people. He speaks about a few cases from across the globe, namely Bogota and Copenhagen, and how re-orienting the city design to cater to people has paved way for happier and sustainable cities.



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