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Weekly Roundup 089 – 5th to 11th November


UDC Weekly roundup‘Berlin’s Most Famous Street Will Go Car-free‘
Authored by Feargus O’Sullivan | CITYLAB
November 07, 2016 

Reducing number of cars is the need of the hour to ensure a sustainable urban future for our planet. Urbanists and city administrators around the world are dabbling with the problem of finding solution to reclaim streets for its people. This article cites the pertinent example of the city of Berlin, Germany which has recently decided to make one of its most famous streets into a car-free street by 2019. It discusses the challenges of such initiatives and ways and means by which the city will undergo this much needed transformation.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by CITYLAB.


‘Making Indian Cities: Urban Design in the New Millenium‘
Published by RMA Architects Essays (also in 2000: Reflections on the Arts in India, Marg Vol 52 No. 2)

Authors : Rahul Meherotra ed. Pratapaditya Pal

making-indian-cities-1 This article titled “Making Indian Cities: Urban Design in the New Millennium” is part of the book 2000: Reflection on the Arts in India edited by Pratapaditya Pal and published by Marg. The author is Prof. Rahul Mehrotra, Principal, RMA Architects and Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The article situates itself at the juncture of India rapidly urbanising at par with the urbanisation of developing countries around the world and Indian urbanism parallely grappling to find its unique characteristics in its complexities. It focuses on the dichotomy that is inherent in Indian urban and in doing so it takes a closer look at those instrumental in the “making” of cities, i.e. the planners and the architects. The article cites examples and draws insightful inferences for addressing the issue through pragmatic approaches by policy makers and practitioners in the city.

Read the full article here.


‘Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars‘
Created by Vox

The growing consensus on reducing dependence on automobiles for a sustainable urban future in world’s largest metropolitan cities has pressed planner and designers to think of ways in which urban mobility could have more room for pedestrians. “Superblock” is an urban design concept that has been studied by urbanists around the world for many years now. This video shows how planners and urban designers in Barcelona are using Superblocks to reclaim street space for pedestrians and public activities that were once dominated by cars. With contextual modifications this could perhaps be the solution to this problem for many cities around the globe. Watch to find out more.



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