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Weekly Roundup 083 – 24th September to 30th September


UDC Weekly roundup‘Can River seine quayside reclaim its past?‘-Paris

Authored by Feargus o’sullivan 

“Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine, et nos amours…”, wrote the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, in one of his most famous lines – “Beneath the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine, and our loves.”

It is a pleasure to look at how Parisians have beautified their surrounding through the years. It may be River Gauche promenade, les nouvelles berges where we can enjoy restaurants, bars, floating gardens, fishing or may be a creative side of allowing children to scrawl on a massive blackboard….

The assembly of Paris collectively voted to make the 3.3 kilometers (2 mile) stretch of the Right Bank of the River Seine, vehicle free to create a natural, scenic pedestrian promenade. A healthier, greener and cleaner Paris is created over such contemplation. For tourists, it is delightful to look upon how Paris reclaims its old avatar of bringing back a peaceful quayside.

“The aim now is to take back possession of the river – to rebuild a connection which had begun to disappear”, says Xavier Janc, Head of Seine River Affairs, City Hall.

To know more about how Paris planning to approach this, click here

Published by Citylab.


‘URBAN MEMORY- History and amnesia in the modern city
Published by Routledge


Our cities pen down their timeline with a memory of the past, to build a Utopian future. Will a city just move forward leaving the past imagery or collaborate with the future?  Architectural modernism has left a large impact in erasing the memory of a city’s urban past and identity. Are we able to look beyond it?

But, the recent past has witnessed the celebration of a thought in preserving a city’s memory. This has created an increase in interest for a nostalgic research, conversations by architects and urban activists, multiplied by the count of museums and memorials and so forth.
This book identifies the theoretical aspects of urban memory through illustrations, maps and visuals. A worthy read to understand how our roots brought us to this past future.

Grab your copy here.


‘Walking down memory lane
Created by TEDx talks

“Urban experience = Time + Memory + Imagination” says Naresh Narasimhan, Architect and urban activist.

He says, “Indian cities are suffering from Urban Amnesia”! His podcast will take you back down memory lanes of the city through his vintage photographs, and left us awestruck, inviting us to rethink the progress we have achieved through the years due to urbanization. Holding on to the memories? Or creating a new identity for a city with a clean slate?

To understand more such assertions, watch the video.



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