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Weekly Roundup 080 – 3rd to 9th September


UDC Weekly roundupUber, Bike-Share and More Are Factors in Tomorrow’s Transit Agency

Authored by Josh Cohen

Public transport is an ubiquitous part of urban fabric that to re-imagine it as an amalgamation seems utterly out of place. However, the city of St. Petersburg in Florida is taking this route. Subsidizing travelers who used a private operator like Uber if they connected onto a train/bus, the Transit Authority of the city is stepping into uncharted waters.

As more and more people prefer methods of transport that gives them greater mobility, public transport seems less of a profit making initiative. Cash-strapped corporations might have to turn to such methods to meet their set-up cost. How will countries like India that function largely through public transport react to this trend? Maybe your daily commute to office/school is just about to get cheaper!

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Next City


‘Anatomy of a Preservation Deal Innovations in Preserving Affordable Housing from around the United States
Published by Urban Institute

In the United Sates there has been an increasing need to locate affordable housing units for people. Post the 2008 crisis and the state of the American economy, the necessity of affordable rental units has become paramount.  This report argues that preserving existing units might work out better to balance the demand and supply forces in this case.

Beginning with a thorough analysis of the current situation and then moving onto the plausible outline of such an action, this report is worth a read for anyone interested in the question of affordable housing.

Read the publication here.


‘How painting can transform communities’
Created by Ted Talks

Rio’s favelas are famous for various reasons. Dre Urhahn and his longtime collaborator Jeroen Koolhaas talk about how the favelas also foster a rich sense of community that comes out in the most unlikeliest manner in the process of their crowdfunded endeavor to engage with an entire community through painting their houses. They talk about the discovery of sense of community that the people experienced and stress the importance of moving beyond a master plan as the situation demands.


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