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Weekly Roundup 076 – 6th to 12th August


UDC Weekly roundup

‘Keep Calm and Swim On: The Hellhole that is the Indian Monsoon is Here to Stay’
Authored by Manu Balachandran and Maria Thomas

It’s that time of the year again, where annual rainfalls, not so surprisingly, wreak havoc in the lives of the people of India. Every year, the months of monsoon, see urban cities and rural towns alike, come to a standstill as they are submerged in water. And this year, it seems to have only gotten worse, with Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru badly hit by flash floods.

This terrible plight can be attributed to the rapidly changing climatic conditions and poor drainage systems in the overcrowded metros. The state is just as bad in smaller towns, due to negligence and poor planning.

While India makes way for smart cities, it is imperative to address the existing drainage problems and hindering planning policies.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Quartz.


‘Cities and Flooding’
Published by World Bank

It’s time to gauge the gravity of the climatic condition and understand what needs to be done at a city planning level to accomodate these rapid changes, amidst growing urban population. Cities and Flooding, a World Bank Publication, serves as a primer to specialists and concerned stakeholders, to urban flood risk management. The book is organised over seven sections that provide a concise yet in-depth understanding of the parameters and aspects involved in flood management.

Read the publication here.





‘Let’s Prepare for Our New Climate’
Created by Tedtalks
Vicky Arroyo, talks about the necessity to look at climatic change as a serious problem, and the measures that can be taken while building urban infrastructures to mitigate the effects of it. She cites innovative projects from all over the world, that are concieved to respond to this impending problem, and thus provide, the way forward.



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