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Weekly Roundup 075 – 30th July to 5th August


UDC Weekly roundup‘How to Host the Olympics and Actually Improve Your City’s Transit’

Authored by Aarian Marshall

Every two years, cities around the world make bids to the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to host the Olympic Games. Any city that wants to host the Olympic Games puts in its name to the IOC and is considered an “Applicant City.” For the next ten months, the IOC investigates the city on aspects of size (yes, here size matters a great deal), a dollop of good faith by its residents, the city’s public brand image and most importantly, a host of reasons that prove it wholly beneficial to the city to host the Olympics. With the Olympic games, comes a huge number of tourists, athletes, journalists, and politicians. The city must show that they can host the games in new stadiums and venues, they must house all the people in adequate hotels, and critically, they have to transport everyone from one place to the next with a heavy duty, thoroughly reliable mass transit system.

But is this possible? Have their been positive case studies?

Read the whole piece here.

Published by wired.com


‘Urban Design Compendium’
Published by Sheffield City Centre

The Sheffield Urban Design Compendium is a background document which helps inform emerging policies in the Sheffield Plan. It provides the main guiding principles for design of development within the city centre and was adopted by Cabinet in 2004 following a period of public consultation. Key to being the material consideration in planning decisions in the city centre – Part 1 introduces the Compendium, describing its aims and aspirations and outlining the process undertaken to produce a document that will be of real benefit to all those who use it.

Read the publication here.




‘2016 Olympics: What Rio doesnt want the world to see’
Created by Vox

The 2016 Olympics is underway. The city has been primed to receive an influx of international visitors, with its new infrastructure and transportation systems to accommodate the surge. But the city is also undergoing another major project: hiding and removing poor people from view of foreign onlookers. Check out this video to see the underbelly of Rio in its path to transforming the City


 Published by Vox.com


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