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Weekly Roundup 074 – 23rd to 29th July


UDC Weekly roundupPokécology: People will never put down their phones, but games can get them focused on nature

Authored by Jessie Buettel and Barry W. Brook

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the instant popularity of the game Pokemon GO. Since then, the game seems to have made the front page in multiple facets of peoples’ lives. However, Mobile Augmented reality(MAR) games are heavily critiqued for driving users towards ecological and environmental detachment. This “eco-detachment” has been described as a symptom of our modernised, urbanised world, in which new technology both dominates peoples’ interests and simultaneously increases society’s ability to damage the environment. But how do we discourage people from using their phones too much? Far fetched right.

So,two researchers from University of Tasmania have explored the potential of MAR games to increase environmental awareness and promote its conservation. They talk about how MAR games have the ability to make people look at cities through an environmental prism.Read the whole article to find out how this research proposal might change the citizens look at and feel about their cities.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Eco-business.


Self-Sufficient City: Envisioning the Habitat of the Future
Published by ACTAR

51YikEr41mL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_The book is a compilation of over a hundred proposals/projects from all over the world envisioning the habitat of the future. With an ever changing cultural, social and technological landscape , life in cities are bound to change with it. The book explores ideas ranging from connected metropolises to eco-neighbourhoods. Overall, the book throws light on how could and how are our cities adapting themselves to meet the needs of the future.

Read the publication here.


‘Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city’
Created by Ted Talk

There are multiple ways technology and cities influence each other. On one hand, our cities are sprinting behind the face paced technological advancement. On the other hand, we can also use technology for the betterment of city life. Kent Larson talks about the evolution of villages into cities and how until now technology has driven city design away from a people friendly city. He explains how the same technology can be capitalized  to reinvent our cities into clusters of urban villages. The talk is an invigorating march towards tying together technology, ergonomics, automobile design, architecture, urban planning and urban design.


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