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Weekly Roundup 070 – 25th – 1st July


UDC Weekly roundup
‘‘Brexit’: A wake-up call for the New Urban Agenda’
Authored by Micheal Cohen

Dominating the news recently is Britain’s exit from the EU, or as it has been called in the media – the Brexit. Cities are becoming increasingly affected by free trade agreements, and many are beginning to engage in related accords with other cities to foster trade, investment and economic development, and other opportunities. These new types of city-to-city networks and agreements are expected to play an increasingly important role in shaping the development agendas of cities in a globalized and networked world. With a tweaked New Urban Agenda which recognizes the importance of City to City networks, this piece highlights the economic and social impact of the Brexit and the possible need for intermediary cities.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Eco-Business


‘City Observer’
Published by Urban Design Collective

This week’s publication is an extra special edition from the UDC, with the release of our biannual City Observer Publication! Featured inside is an array of articles, each depicting a unique standpoint of and about the cities and spaces we love, and how we show it! Check out the the beautiful lens through which Hanoi has been captured, while flipping through the urban-ism behind Shrodingers propositions. And while sipping on delicious Madras filter coffee, in the warm confines of your reading chair, take a stroll through Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks before heading to Germany for a quick lesson in Urban Design! Kisumu and Hyderabad are but a few pit stops later, followed by an enthralling piece on a new kind of storytelling tourism. Find Waldo in our cover illustration (is he there or isnt he?!) before you grab a a couple of ear muffs for our Cities of Sound piece! These are simply a peep into the many and truly varied articles the City Observer has under its belt this June, and but a preview of the many publications ahead. The City Observer is a truly collaborative effort, and we are deeply indebted to you all for making this issue a reality and hope you share our pride in this moment with us!

Read the publication here.




‘Our future in Cities’
Created by TED Talks

Keeping with our City themed week, this week’s roundup features a playlist depicting Humanity’s future which is the future of cities. Explore the crowded favelas, greened-up blocks and futuristic districts that could shape the future of cities — and take a profane, hilarious side trip to the suburbs.


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