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Weekly Roundup 068 – Jun 11th – 17th


UDC Weekly roundup‘Internet of bins – Smart, Solar powered trash cans in Colombia’

Authored by Elaine Ramirez

With growing issues of urban waste suffocating our cities, the techies from around the world have taken up the challenge to pave new ways to find a solution to it. This article highlights tech-savvy inventions that target effective collection and disposal of garbage through the employment of smart, solar powered trashcans that monitor and communicate the levels of rubbish in it.  In growing economies like Latin America and India, which are becoming more environmentally aware, there is potential for  easy-deployment and low-maintenance approaches to untangle the complexities of our waste management system.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by the guardian.


‘Global Garbage – Urban imagineries of waste,excess and abandonment’
Published by Routledge

GlobalGarbage300x449px‘Global Garbage’ gives its readers an entirely different perspective on the flow of garbage through a contemporary city. ‘Garbage’ has become a global problem and it is becoming increasingly central to globalization debates. Urban dwellers having said to generate 4 times more amount of solid waste than their rural counterparts, are rapidly choking cities with excess garbage. This urgent need to come up with innovative garbage management strategies has lead to cities experimenting with new artistic ways to upcycle garbage. This book examines the metamorphosis of garbage in several creative and cultural practices through exploring the complex relationship between globalization and garbage in ten cities across the world- Beirut, Detroit, Hongkong, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Naples, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Tehran.

Read the publication here.


‘What I discovered in New York City trash’
Created by Ted Talks.

Many a times you finish your bar of chocolate, throw the wrapper in the bin and walk away with no thoughts about who cleans up after you? Actually, have you ever thought about who cleans up after us in our cities or how they do it? Robin Nagle is an anthropologist who was enthused by this very question. She talks about how she took up a job at the New York sanitation department to find answers to her quest. She also throws light on the lives of the sanitary workers who form the backbone of every city and yet are shunned upon by the others. After listening to this talk, you will be compelled by our conscience to thank every sanitary worker you walk by.


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