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Weekly Roundup 067 – Jun 4th – 10th


UDC Weekly roundup
‘What happened to the dream of underground cities?’
Authored by Ernie Smith

There was a time, not too long ago in our urban history, when building our cities underground seemed like a good idea – an idea that actually went back hundreds of years too. Illustrated with specific examples ranging from ancient Turkey to planning for people and cars in modern-day Canada, this week’s article considers the question – why didn’t the idea of underground cities stick?

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Motherboard.


‘We own the city’
Published by Cities Foundation

we own the cityThis week’s publication goes back to one of our favorite themes – the vitality of diverse and dynamic bottom-up initiatives in urban centers. We Own the City presents a collection of findings that provide insight into how top-down players are rethinking implementation processes in order to enable greater involvement from local communities and civil society. The publication examines actors both at the ‘bottom’ and ‘top’ across five major cities – Amsterdam, Moscow, Hong Kong, New York City and Taipei.

Read the publication here.


‘How “Discreet Unobtrusive Technology” will transform cities’
Created by Los Angeles County Newsroom

Technological interventions have become extremely pervasive in cities today, impacting the way urban dwellers navigate and experience their everyday environments. This trend is only set to increase with the accelerated growth of social media, information and sensing technologies into what is popularly called the ‘civic technology’ space. How will these changes affect the way our cities look, 50 years from now? Will we be living the techno-centric future vision for cities where the urban environment is dramatically transformed in a visual sense? Or does the technological future of cities look quite different from that? Bill Mitchell, from the MIT Smart Cities research group provides an opinion in this quick video.



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