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Weekly Roundup 061– 23rd to 29th April


UDC Weekly roundup

‘New York’s Newest Urban Farm Will Float Down The Hudson River’
Authored by Adele Peters

Here is one more reason to love urban farming! New York City’s newest urban farm will look a little different from most: instead of factory-like rows of plants growing in a warehouse, it will be a lush, natural-looking food forest that floats down the Hudson River in a barge. The barge ‘greenhouse’, floating on the Hudson River, grows an abundance of fresh produce with zero net carbon emissions, zero pesticides, and zero runoff. All of the energy needed to power the farm is generated by solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels while the hydroponic greenhouse is irrigated solely by collected  rainwater and purified river water. With a longer term vision of creating permanent docking farms, this urban farm is the City’s step toward sustainable food production.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by Co-Exist.


‘Urban Agriculture Magazine’
Published by RUAF Foundation


The Urban Agriculture Magazine showcases innovations in urban agriculture. The issue includes the GROW the City project which brought pioneers of urban agriculture and urban food strategies from all over the world to the Netherlands to share and discuss their practices, experiences and challenges. Social innovations in urban agriculture to technical innovations such as vertical farming and rooftop gardening are but few of the best practices discussed in the issue. A key alternate to traditional food production is allowing for wholesome and inclusive community participation.

Read the publication here.







‘Five Borough Farm’
Created by Design Trust for Public Space

Five Borough Farm Phase II is a project of the Design Trust for Public Space, in partnership with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, to strengthen and expand urban agriculture in New York City. The second installment of the Five Borough Farm video series features farmers + city officials discussing the two most pressing needs for urban agriculture in NYC: land availability, and access to high quality soil and compost.



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