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Weekly Roundup 060– 16th to 22nd April


UDC Weekly roundup

‘Animals Like Green Spaces in the City – And That’s a Problem’
Authored by Gabe Bullard

An inclusive city must not only be limited to people. It must also talk about animals that share the city space. Cities high on green spaces, are high on thriving city animals. The question though is, what happens when these animals decide to leave their green sanctuary to pop into the human inhabited side? The outcome is usually not good, with birds banging into glass atria they can’t see and mammals running into traffic they can’t cross.

This seems to be quite a problem in Washington D.C., where the improved quality of the environment and installations of green roof and native landscaping has brought in different wild species. Unfortunately the animals can not be taught park boundaries. But an understanding of their behaviour to find solutions is possible.

Urban planners and researchers of D.C. talk about some of the measures taken, like wildlife corridors, to check this problem.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by National Geographic.


‘Inclusive Urban Design – Streets for Life’
Published by Architectural Press

Inclusive Urban Design, explores the scope and possibility of Inclusive cities with a focus on people suffering from dementia. While inclusivity by itself is an exhaustive
aspect of design, where many have tried in many ways to approach and tackle the various challenges, different people have faced, yet the section of the society suffering from cognitive impairment has been a blind spot. This very aspect is studied and explored to understand the positive and negative impact of outdoor design features on the quality of life, with the aim to frame a cohesive guide that can be referred to by practitioners.

Read the publication here.





‘The Inclusivity City Forum: What is an Inclusive City’
Created by YouTube

In May 2014, The Fletcher School saw academics, practitioners, and students come together to discuss and debate the issues regarding the urban landscape. The discussion started with a simple question – What is an Inclusive City?


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