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Weekly Roundup 058– 2nd to 8th April


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Zaha Hadid’s Little Known Plan to Redesign Phnom Penh’
Authored by Hul Reaksmey

Like, love or hate her work, no architecture aficionado can ever admit to ignoring the prowess of Zaha Hadid. She was legendary in her boldness and design exploration. Almost always controversial, her projects have been on the front pages of the (architectural) news. Prior to her death on Thursday of last week, British architect Zaha Hadid was working to help Cambodia rebuild after the tragedies of its history. Although she never set foot in Cambodia, Hadid had a vision of making Phnom Penh an improved, healthier place for inhabitants, according to Chhang. With that in mind, she decided voluntarily to work on plans for the capital city’s development over the coming decades – a marked change from her more apparent and flamboyant style of designing. Foreseeing a strategic plan that would last till 2050, Hadid had submitted plans irrespective of a lack of budget from the Cambodia Government.

Perhaps this was the first of many projects which would tread the line of context and culturally sensitive urban – architecture. Ms.Hadid, I hope ZHA continues to capture your passion and as you once did, continue to inspire generations of designers to be fearless. Read the whole piece here

R.I.P Zaha Hadid.

Published by VOA News.


‘Engaging People’
Published by Thor Rigtrup Larsen

A refreshing read for those who have an interest in increasing the involvement of people more in the design process, whether they are users, citizens, customers, stakeholders, or something else. The publication serves both as an introduction and an inspirational expedition into the fields of open innovation, user-driven innovation, design thinking, online community building, and many other approaches to open innovation processes.

Read the publication here.






‘The Two Cultures: Brian Clarke and Zaha Hadid in conversation / chaired by Nicholas Serota’
Created by The Architecture Foundation

Five and a half decades on since C.P. Snow delivered his famous Rede Lecture, ‘Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution’, it seems as relevant today as it did in 1959. Snow described what he called a “gulf of mutual incomprehension” between science and the humanities. This event curated by The Architecture Foundation took artist Brian Clarke’s Two Cultures, a series of prints dedicated to C.P. Snow held within the Tate collection, as a starting point for a conversation between Clarke and the internationally acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid, reflecting upon architecture’s role as a mediator at the crossroads of the arts and sciences. The dialogue was chaired by Nicholas Serota, Tate’s Director.

The Two Cultures: Zaha Hadid and Brian Clarke in Conversation


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