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Weekly Roundup 056 – 19th to 25th March


UDC Weekly roundup

‘Cities of the future could look like Burning Man’
Authored by Allissa Walker

A must do on most design enthusiasts lists, the Burning Man festival is an urban social experiment in itself. The festival generates outlandish and radical   expressions of design in every form. With the ‘city’ razed to the ground at the end of the festival, the Burning Man has attracted a burgeoning crowd thronging from hundreds initially to over seventy thousand last year.

Catering to the growing crowds fashioned the need for a city design which can accommodate and anticipate the needs

Read the whole piece here 

Published by Gizmodo.


‘The New City’
Published by Future Challenges

This publication puts forth a hunt for ideas that can help cities worldwide manage their growing populations. From Masdar City near Abu Dhabi to Toronto, Canada, cities are thinking creatively and boldly about the changes they need to make to provide a safe and vibrant home for their residents. In the lead article Steven Watson looks at several examples of cities that are thinking creatively about how to prepare for their growing populations. What stands out is the in-depth look at the human dimensions of  urban change and globalization – a topic which is usually couched in abstract economic terms like volumes of trade and flows of commerce and finance instead of the impact on people all over the world.

Read the publication here.

Published by Future Challenges







‘The hidden world of shadow cities’
Created by TED Talk

Robert Neuwirth spent two years exploring one of the most profound trends of – the mass migration of the world’s population into urban shantytowns. Life in a favela, slum or shantytown is hard: no water, no transport, no sewage. But in the squatter cities of Rio, Nairobi, Istanbul and Mumbai, Neuwirth discovered restaurants, markets, clinics and effective forms of self-organization. Check out his TED talk below.

Shadow Cities from TED Talks


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