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Weekly Roundup 053 – 27th February to 4th March


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Cash for Cycling? Polluted Milan wants to pay commuters to bike to work’
Authored by Rosie Scammell


In attempt to counter the pollution problem, Milan offers to pay people who choose cycling to work. While this is definitely a step forward, one wonders if the proposal to pay is a good enough incentive to pull more commuters on to the green bandwagon. The high levels of pollution and unfavourable cycling environment may prove to be bigger deterrents.

Read the whole piece here

Published by The Guardian.


‘Cycling Futures’
Published by University of Adelaide Press


Cycling Future, a publication by University of Adelaide Press, discusses the challenges faced by cyclists, observations and the possible methods to increase the participation of cyclists. The book includes the studies and observations and researchers and practitioners for whom cycling is their focus. The book puts together different perspectives and insights to better understand the scenario today and the implementations required for the future.

Read or download the publication here.





‘Bicycle Culture by Design’
Created by Tedx Talks

Good cities of the future have to be based on human observations and design principles”, says Mikael Colville-Andersen, an urban mobility expert. He explains how road accidents and poor traffic management are a result of traffic engineering – and not the lack of it. Streets have been public informal spaces for 7000 years, until the 1800s, when these roads were modified and restructured to accommodate automobiles. In hindsight, it doesn’t look like this has done us any good. In this talk, Colville-Andersen tells us what we can do to revert this.


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