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Weekly Roundup 050 – 6th Feb to 12th Feb


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Urbanization is a Major Driver of the Zika Virus’
Authored by Laura Bliss

With the spread of the Zika virus resulting in a worldwide emergency, we try to understand the cause at the grass root level. Research and study shows that a major driving factor is the rapid urbanization.

Haphazard urban landscapes, people produced trash, poor drainage and open water storage – all serve as ideal mosquito breeding ground. In other words – We are reaping what we sowed.

Read the whole piece here

Published by Citylab.


‘Returns on Resilience – The Business Case’
Published by Urban Land Institute

Real estate developers have begun to feel the pinch of climate change on their housing developments and their long term business goals. With the climate being unpredictable and natural calamities like hurricanes tearing down unprepared buildings, it is now essential to equip a building with strategies to combat extreme climatic conditions.

‘Returns on Resilience – the Business Case’, explores ten case studies where developers have strategized against climate-related risks.

Read or download the publication here.





‘Borrowed Light’
Created by Olivia Huynh

Here is a short film from 2015, in which a little girl is seen scurrying across the city, in a desperate attempt to… steal lights. Is there a bigger purpose to this seemingly petty act? Does she have something to say?

This charming little film makes us stop and think how we, in our cities, in our cooped up spaces, live in complete oblivion to the natural wonders that surround us.

Borrowed Light from Olivia Huynh on Vimeo.


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