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Weekly Roundup 049 – 30th Jan to 5th Feb


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Could Freight Hubs become Eco-Villages’
Authored by Zack Mortice
Conor O’shea, a landscape architect and assistant professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, believes the exurban regions that surround the city core need to be treated as integral parts of the city. These areas that consist of rail freights and agriculture corridors are not urban planning out casts.

O’shea and his firm proposed the ‘Logistical Ecologies’ for the inland shipping district of Chicago. The model is broken down in three phases and is expected to eventually create a convergence of green landscape with grey infrastructure. It is unconventional and radical, but O’shea advocates a pragmatic approach rather than a repetition of the ‘tried and tested’ methods that don’t seem to work today.

Read the whole piece here 

Published by The CityLab.


‘Measuring the Age-friendliness of Cities’
Published by WHO

How do we know if a city is inclusive and oriented to fulfil the needs of different age groups? Or if a city is capable of providing older citizens the convenience to function and participate in society? Can inclusivity and age-friendliness be measured to better understand how conducive our cities are, especially to the older citizens?

The World Health Organization developed this guide that lays down the basis to select and use core indicators to monitor and evaluate age-friendly initiatives around the world. The guide is also made flexible and can be adapted to suit more specific local contexts.

Read or download the publication here.




‘Walkable Cities’
Created by Tedx

Janet Sadik Khan, the former commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation talks about the importance and convenience of street re design, using her famous temporary pedestrian plaza, to understand traffic movement, as example.

Check out the video to find out more.


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