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Weekly Roundup 046 – 9th to 15th Jan


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Chilean Architect Alejandro Aravena wins 2016 Pritzker Prize’
Authored by Oliver Wainwright
Alejandro Arevena, a Chilean architect known for his low cost housing solutions and innovative design principles, wins the 2016 Pritzker prize, the highest honour in Architecture.

Aravena’s design approach bridges the gap between aesthetic appeal and unconventional problem solving in the wake of the global housing crisis. An example of his radical solution to low cost housing for the growing population in cities is the ‘half house’ concept, where with the limited economic resources given, his firm provided the basic structure for houses, that were then completed by the residents itself. This strategy was implemented first in 2004, when the Chilean government was looking for housing solutions for the illegally squatting families in Iquique. Aravena believed it necessary to engage the families in the designing and decision making process.

This same strategy was used later while solving other housing problems, including infrastructure planning on a time crunch, post Chile’s earthquake and Tsunami in 2010.

Read the whole piece here.

Published by The Guardian.


‘Harmonised Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for persons with Disability and Elderly persons’
Published by Ministry of Urban Development, (GoI)

The Ministry of Urban Development of the Indian Government released a final draft of the guidelines for the norms and standards to be adhered to for barrier free design. The draft was open to comments and suggestions by stakeholders until 7th January 2015.

The guidelines cover an exhaustive list of norms and standards under various categories like the anthropometrics, design elements, signage, building classifications, adapted housing, to name a few.

Read or download the publication here.



‘Introduction to Small Urbanism’
Created by Massive Small

This week’s video features an introduction to Smart Urbanism, an initiative in urban change via small steps. Kevin Campbell, talks about the challenges we face today and how ‘Making Massive Small Change’ will work better.

Introduction to Small Urbanism from Massive Small on Vimeo.


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