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Weekly Roundup 043 – 19th to 25th Dec


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Car-Free Cities: 12 Pedestrian only places from NY to Venice’
Authored by Steph

This week we highlight a long prevalent urban design driver (pun unintended) – pedestrian friendly design. This article featured on the Web Urbanist showcases examples of cities which have adopted and executed pedestrian-only spaces within the heart of the city. It seems ironic that the more cities modernize, the more they return to their roots. Easy accessibility on foot is the mantra advocated by all urban designers and the community users.

To some, banning automobiles from densely populated urban centers is a radical concept, but European cities like Venice and Brussels are giving architects and urban planners fresh inspiration for contemporary equivalents. Here’s a mix of historic car-free places around the world, and pedestrian-only proposals for cities like New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Read the whole piece here 

Published by Web Urbanist .


‘Tactical Urbanism 4’
Published by Street Plans and Co-Design Studio

Short-term, community-based projects—from pop-up parks to open streets initiatives—have become a powerful and adaptable new tool of urban activists, planners, and policy-makers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond. These quick, often low-cost, and creative projects are the essence of the Tactical Urbanism movement. Whether creating vibrant plazas seemingly overnight or re-imagining parking spaces as neighborhood gathering places, they offer a way to gain public and government support for investing in permanent projects, inspiring residents and civic leaders to experience and shape urban spaces in a new way.

In the 4th edition of the publication, the case studies reflect a  contemporary interpretation of the concept of Tactical Urbanism. Fashioned as a toolkit for the community, the publication provides methods and practices for conceiving, planning, and carrying out projects, including how to adapt them based on local needs and challenges.

Designed to inspire and empower a new generation of engaged citizens, urban designers, land use planners, architects, and policymakers, and create a more informed forum of participants who can become key actors in the transformation of their communities.

Read or download the publication here.



‘Bicycling as transportation, with Don Kostelec (Podcast)’
Created by Don Kostelec

In 2013, when the Copenhagenize list of the most bike friendly cities was published, not a single American metropolis featured on the top 20 list.  Why thats a problem — and not just a health-related one, Is that by failing to embrace cycling culture, cities are losing out on significant financial benefits. In this podcast by Don Kostelec, the need for pushing bicycling as a major transit option is explained and advocated.

Urbanism Speakeasy


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