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Weekly Roundup 039 – 21st to 27th November


UDC Weekly roundup
‘Megacities will save mankind, not doom it’
Authored by Lord Norman Foster

In an interesting flip of the coin, we have come across articles in the past which have heralded the death of pedestrian life by the burgeoning of mega-cities, and how this may be utterly inappropriate to the Indian lifestyle and land-use. In this piece today, we present an article authored by Lord Norman Foster, which is a part of his talk on the the Urban Age | 10 Global Debates presented at LSE this week. Careful in his suggestions, he attributes the mega-city status by the numbers these existing urban agglomerations contain. He ventures London as an example, which despite all its myriad problems, is a reminder that big cities can be tamed, humanized and improved. With a disclaimer of course, that urban planning is the crux of solving the problem.

Would you agree with his view? Or as is also cleverly, and perhaps diplomatically pointed out in the article, is a successful city a result of its compactness, pedestrian friendliness and transit accessibility?

Read the whole piece here

Published by The Telegraph.


Published by Sustania

Cities100 is an amalgamation of innovative solutions depicting the powerful stand cities are taking on climate change, on both a local and global scale. That cities all over the world are taking a cue from each other, learning as they experiment and explore forms the basis of the publication. With 56 documented urban centres, and a 100 solutions presented, it is a cream of the crop selection for your perusal. Moulding global best practices to cater to enhanced and effective local solutions highlights a keen community participation angle. Our very own city of Madras (Chennai) features in the publication, describing its initiative to transform streets into walking and cycling havens.

The Cities100 publication will be presented at the Sustainia COP21 event on December 6th in Paris.

Read the publication here.





‘Conversations | Equity Agendas’
Created by Centre of Architecture

Presented as part of the annual Max Bond Lecture, an annual series of design talks in memory of J. Max Bond, Jr., FAIA, “Conversations: Equity Agendas” will discuss agendas of affordability, housing, and community. The current Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has promised 200,000 units of affordable housing. With NYCHA facing a ballooning deficit and a waiting list of 250,000, how will the City embark upon a construction boom of affordable housing? What material forms, spatial politics, health issues and cost structures shape affordable housing in the New York City? The Institute for Public Architecture’s Total Reset program series explores ambitious, achievable ideas for public and below-market housing in New York. The series, featuring the inaugural IPA Fellowship, responds to Mayor de Blasio’s “total reset” for housing.

Conversations | Equity Agendas from Centre of Architecture


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