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Weekly Roundup 033 – 10th to 16th October


UDC Weekly roundup
‘How Africa can build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities’
Authored by Jacqueline M Klopp and Jeffrey W Paller

This article looks beyond design, and emphasizes the need for excellent urban management as a criteria for creating successful cities. Taking Ghana and Nairobi as key examples within which cities have, in their archives, a series of ‘master plans’ which range from ambitious to practical, none of which have been realized or implemented thus far. Caught up in the thirst for massive infrastructure projects which grab headlines, citizen priorities are often sidelined.

This article questions the vulnerability of urban design decisions which stem from short term political maneuvers. The issue of land-grabbing, a common occurrence in Kenya, is a dispute inextricable from the quagmire of an underdeveloped legal system. Where is the sweet spot of brilliant designs and realistic, and (hopefully) flawless execution? Who are the teams who need to come together to realize this?

Read the whole piece here

Published by Quartz.


‘The Creative City’
Published by MSA Publications

Research and teaching on cultural case studies of  Glasgow and Portland has resulted in the publication of The Creative City. Connecting People, Place and Identity by the Glasgow School of Art. Led by Mackintosh Professor Brian Evans and Fulbright Professor Rudy Barton, the students analyzed characteristics that define creative cities worldwide and how they drive economic development and quality of life. Urban attributes of Glasgow and Portland, including public space, café culture, street food, and riverfront amenities were corroborated and analyzed.

A city connects people and place, it is a focal point and platform for culture and identity. The publication questions and explores the hidden creativity in the urban realm and, especially for the cities of today, digs at why this is of critical importance. How can it be used as a means to respond to the issues and challenges of the 21st Century? Glasgow and Portland are considered by many to foster a creative urban environment. Examined through a series of comparative case studies and research topics uncovers a greater understanding of the role and significance of creativity in the urban realm.

Read or download the publication here.






Created by Oliver Astrologo 

A digital director shares his intimate explorations of Rome in a beautifully shot video. Capturing the charm of Rome, its historic architecture and more importantly, its true culture, visible through the eyes of its inhabitants, the short film takes viewers through an ‘eternal’ journey. Developed on a zero budget, the project was carried out with the invaluable collaboration and cooperation of locals and friends.

Roma from Oliver Astrologo on Vimeo.


One thought on “Weekly Roundup 033 – 10th to 16th October

  1. Interesting! But Ghana is not a city…

    Posted by Gabriel Kreindler | October 16, 2015, 10:40 am

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